Do you think you can do rapid calculations? Do you have exceptional skills in handling and organizing data, details, and records proficiently? Are you a housewife or full-time mother yearning for a work from home job? Then bookkeeping is perfect work from home job. This could be the solution to your financial problems as well.


Bookkeeping has been rapidly growing as a profession in Australia. Many small companies, entrepreneurial individuals, firms, and corporations require candidates who can look after their accounting. This job is well suited for full-time mothers, who are bound at home due to the specific needs and upraising of their children. You can generate a healthy income without going anywhere. Moreover, you have the flexibility to decide your own schedule. Choosing virtual bookkeeping as a freelance profession is a superb way to make money while retaining flexibleness and freedom, which everyone simply craves. Other incentives such as not having to go to the workplace and the opportunity of working for multiple clients make this job more alluring. This job is even better if you are an introvert or suffer from low confidence level issues. You can easily sit back at your home and easily do your work while enjoying coffee. You will not be forced to go out and interact with people unlike most of the jobs.


Perhaps the greatest advantage is that a little training course (like Professional Certificate in Bookkeeping)is required to get started. You simply need to learn the basic skills and have knowledge about certain aspects of accountancy. If you are good with calculations and managing numbers on the spreadsheet, this job will be ideal for you. A good computer, network connection, and bookkeeping software are all that you need. If you get yourself enrolled for Professional Certificate in Bookkeeping this would be a huge bonus for developing a useful skill set. Bookkeeping jobs do not require a degree in accountancy. The responsibilities are different too from that of a professional accountant. Bookkeepers manage tasks such as data entry, handling day-to-day calculations, organizing a spreadsheet and analyzing expenses. Keeping a track of income and taxes is part of their job as well. The responsibilities are very less when compared to those of an accountant but a higher degree of accuracy is required in bookkeeping.

The more work you can put in as a bookkeeper, the better you can make a living. An average bookkeeper can make $20-25 an hour. Professional bookkeepers can make up to $50-60 an hour through working for bigger companies. According to statistics, full-time virtual bookkeepers earn a median salary of $3500 monthly. Bookkeeping is a very lucrative work from home job. It does not require hassling with people on phone or spending a whole day in front of the computer screen. There is nothing much technical in taking advantage from this job. With the progress of online technology and bookkeeping software, this job is now even easier than it was ever before.


If you have decided to opt for virtual bookkeeping as your work from home job, you will require a method to reach out to clients. You can search for bookkeeping jobs online around your area or use social media to promote your services. A website is recommended if the clients are more professional. There are varieties of ways for the client to send you their financial information. You can then perform the task in the comfort of your time frame. Once you open up your services to some clients, others will contact you automatically because the online world is huge.

You may be wondering how do I get started, well the best way to get some training. At Deluxe Learning, we offer Professional Certificate in Bookkeeping. This course will prepare to work as an independent bookkeeper from home or on-site. Have a look at our course and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Happy bookkeeping!

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